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Smart Air Fryer

Smart & healthy companion for your cooking.


GeoSmartPro, the specialist in smart home devices, is launching its 1st Smart Air Fryer. The Smart Air Fryer is currently in production but available to pre-order at a special pre-launch price. Expected launch and deliveries for the first batch will be in May 2023.

Our 1st allocation of pre-orders for delivery in May is already sold out. However, the good news is that we are now taking orders for the second batch with expected delivery in July 2023 (eta).

This feature packed Air Fryer is still available for pre-ordering at a special discounted price, so don't miss out, place your pre-order now!

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Batch 1 (SOLD OUT)

Batch 2 

Feb 2022

May 2022

Aug 2022

Jan 2023

ETA May 2023

ETA July 2023

What is an Air Fryer?

Air fryers produce foods that are crispy on the outside and moist and tender inside without actual frying. An air fryer works by circulating superheated air at high speed. Due to the compact size of the air fryer, the preparation is even quicker than other methods, which means food can be cooked much quicker than in a traditional oven and is more energy efficient. One of the many valuable qualities of air fryers is the countertop which makes it easy to access and relocate.

Up to 75% Energy-efficient.

Up to 50% quicker.


Den perfekte ledsager til din livestreaming og vlogging.

Justerbar farvebalance forbedrer oplevelsen for dine seere.


Tre variable farver lys giver dig mulighed for at indstille temaet i henhold til din præstation.


Perfekt til live streaming, vlogging, Tik Tok eller skrivebordslampe. Slip oplevelsen løs til din livsstil! 


10 % til 100 % trinløs dæmpning